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By Jim on March 22, 2018

Hello pals. I'd like to continue hosting the flash version of Happy Wheels as long as possible. With the loss of certain ad networks, I'm going to try out a few different ad formats on this site as I continue to attempt to regain some of the revenue that went missing. I'll be making a few minor changes here and there to see whatever works best. Nothing should be annoying. This heads up was the main reason for this news post.

The discord server, which is now official at, has been very helpful to me and the game. Through it I was introduced to some cool users, several of which have become much needed moderators who have greatly improved the quality of the general level submissions. There are also some really great tools that server admin Kittenswolf has made that have automated sharing and reporting of levels. I've not seen a naked watermelon level in months. I also managed to speak with a lot of featured level authors... some that I had never even communicated with, despite their massive contributions to the game (IAMURHUSBAND, bobisdacool1, Iamverybored, Farlaineloco... there are others, those were most recent). Anyways, if you're reading this, you'd probably like to visit that place. There's also a chance I may be on as I've been using discord to speak to my brother as we murder rats in Vermintide 2.

Though I would prefer to be silent, I feel obligated to say that I am still working full time on the sequel, and it's still reeeeeaally time consuming. Thankfully, much of the basic graphics engine is complete, and I've been building out the new editor with it over the past year. There are so many complexities to building out all of the vector drawing tools that function similarly to Flash, that I have developed a much greater level of an appreciation for that program. I'm actually going to have to build in pen support as that would totally be possible given the way the brush tool works. That would allow me to actually make much of my own artwork for the game in the editor itself. I don't like sharing media of what I'm working on as I would just prefer the final product to speak for itself. That's all I've got for now.
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By bowmasterbro1154 on December 09, 2018

can you make a mobile version (Android) please?
By DWENETWORKANDDARIO on December 09, 2018

o,s send a instant unvite that goes on fore3ver because it expired
By de gamende kip on December 08, 2018

Nice! keep it up bro! P.S. discord server is full....
By XxBlueGamerxX on December 08, 2018

its good
By Sven_n_Spencer on December 07, 2018

By radudenis6737213 on December 07, 2018

By oof the memes on December 07, 2018

jim ur da best
By santiagofifa on December 06, 2018

hola :v
By supakoopa65 on December 06, 2018

is this the only game on the website, because this website is perfect with this one game
By Tuxedo dude on December 06, 2018

jim u r the best dude
By TheSpearton on December 05, 2018

Love you Jim <3
By speedster3103 on December 04, 2018

By Xpert 13 on December 04, 2018

I love this game, but i not love this FIRST LEVELS!!
By Xpert 13 on December 04, 2018

By lolkidlo on December 04, 2018

By SVTGAMES on December 03, 2018

Jim.. lets put this straight, we miss you, what happened?
By GetOofed on December 02, 2018

Kinda ironic that Wings and Strings made a level dedicated to telling the rules and saying that him as well as every other moderator will remove any levels saying rate five but in Dragon Flight School, (Made by Wings and Strings) at the end of the level, it says ''rate five for a second level!"
By Kashyboo8 on December 02, 2018

so when can we play happy wheels?
By ronaldhicks on December 01, 2018

is there a way to change your username?
By brunoeustaquio on December 01, 2018

this thing is taking very long. When is Happy Wheels going to come back?
By ranbinplays on December 01, 2018

Can you add Van guy in happy wheels? thanks 2 versions: basic + monster
By inky0613 on November 30, 2018

how do I donload happy weels
By Unknown_Player64 on November 30, 2018

Just saying, but why do we need a Happy Wheels 2? Because I love the original Happy Wheels, and I feel we just don't need a Happy Wheels 2. Though I'm not the creator of Happy Wheels, and he can do what ever he wants to do.
By The_Real_ConMan21 on November 29, 2018

By meneijo_ on November 29, 2018

I'm from Brazil and I love Happy Wheels, I've played many creative stages and I'm developing a Ball Fall!
By semkalerka on November 28, 2018

? ? ??? ???????) ????? ???? ???????? ????)
By rahul1690 on November 27, 2018

can i download happy wheels?
By epicman121 on November 27, 2018

By Tamaz2006 on November 26, 2018

how to start play happy wheels ?
By R0cketR1derX on November 26, 2018

Okay, i like itt
By WOLFl0816 on November 25, 2018

By Mr_MoustacheMan52_ on November 24, 2018

I just now signed up for Discord just to join the Happy Wheels server!
By jackthepirat105 on November 23, 2018

right I confuse how to finish level by loiding
By roblox yt on November 23, 2018

By AxelTheGamer12345 on November 23, 2018

i want happy wheels 2 to be 3d
By HIGHbolt on November 23, 2018

i play growtopia every day go to my world if you play s named cixtaa and msg me anton44
By Deppresso1 on November 22, 2018

the level editor is way to glitchy I lost a level i spent hours on because a dumb glitch
By RIP xxxtentaction on November 22, 2018

By Gamer_Gopnik on November 22, 2018

There is a bug for windows 8. It keeps on saying "page not found" and when it loads i press allow flash then usually again "page not found" And when that works most of the time when i click play happy wheels it says the same thing So hopefuly you can fix this bug soon Gamer_Gopnik
By yeet69420yeet on November 22, 2018

I cant get this news page off my screen. It sits in front of the game and I cant play it.
By The Graceful Hobo on November 20, 2018

The Discord invite link has stopped working...
By jumping_under on November 20, 2018

its a good game
By YOUTUBE_TheEel on November 19, 2018

hey jimbo
By TheLitBoss2 on November 18, 2018

By LUBITEL_UC on November 17, 2018

On what plathorm will it be?? ??????,???? ??? ????????)
By HarryPotter1988 on November 17, 2018

Divine Intervention is freaking IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!
By epicxavier18 on November 17, 2018

why you littel
By KAKAROTO SON GOKU on November 17, 2018

why i cannot play?
By javier005 on November 17, 2018

this game is very cool
By jnoyola2005 on November 15, 2018

By aldinmuratovic on November 15, 2018

can u get it off my screen
By V f0r V3nom on November 15, 2018

By TheGoldenSepticeye on November 15, 2018

Can we get a release date?
By Gavin plays on November 12, 2018

By radudenis6737213 on November 11, 2018

By supsupsupsupsup on November 10, 2018

esc dosnt wrk for the menu wat dus
By kgomez789 on November 10, 2018

i love happy wheels
By CrystalScratch on November 10, 2018

f l a s h i s d y i n g. Web browsers will chuck it in the e-waste in 2019 and it will shut down all together in 2020. USE HTML5!
By Agb220456 on November 09, 2018

;-; y is flash dyin y u do tis i luv tis gam
By Green_Legoboy on November 08, 2018

hi this game is awesome and im 10 years old
By JJ0006 on November 08, 2018

I can't believe people are still so active on here. Kinda shows how timeless this game is, even though most of them are children leaving awful comments lmao. On the off chance you see this Jim, I just wanted to say that even after all this time I still have a **** load of fun playing Happy Wheels, especially the level editor. I'm beyond excited for the sequel (that is if it's still being worked on after all this time) If you are still working on it, don't be rushed by ungrateful children screaming at you haha, take as much time as you need, I know I'll still be here waiting. Also I wanted to join the discord, but it's not working, is that intentional? Anyway, thanks, keep going!!<3
By Joman66 on November 07, 2018

You got this (Happy Wheels II/2) in the bag Jim Bonacci!
By Lil_Aqua on November 07, 2018

By rideler2098 on November 07, 2018

i love this game
By strongguy344 on November 06, 2018

It sucks. he kills when the little boy comes, you cant shoot and he kills you. FUCK YOU!