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By Jim on March 22, 2018

Hello pals. I'd like to continue hosting the flash version of Happy Wheels as long as possible. With the loss of certain ad networks, I'm going to try out a few different ad formats on this site as I continue to attempt to regain some of the revenue that went missing. I'll be making a few minor changes here and there to see whatever works best. Nothing should be annoying. This heads up was the main reason for this news post.

The discord server, which is now official at, has been very helpful to me and the game. Through it I was introduced to some cool users, several of which have become much needed moderators who have greatly improved the quality of the general level submissions. There are also some really great tools that server admin Kittenswolf has made that have automated sharing and reporting of levels. I've not seen a naked watermelon level in months. I also managed to speak with a lot of featured level authors... some that I had never even communicated with, despite their massive contributions to the game (IAMURHUSBAND, bobisdacool1, Iamverybored, Farlaineloco... there are others, those were most recent). Anyways, if you're reading this, you'd probably like to visit that place. There's also a chance I may be on as I've been using discord to speak to my brother as we murder rats in Vermintide 2.

Though I would prefer to be silent, I feel obligated to say that I am still working full time on the sequel, and it's still reeeeeaally time consuming. Thankfully, much of the basic graphics engine is complete, and I've been building out the new editor with it over the past year. There are so many complexities to building out all of the vector drawing tools that function similarly to Flash, that I have developed a much greater level of an appreciation for that program. I'm actually going to have to build in pen support as that would totally be possible given the way the brush tool works. That would allow me to actually make much of my own artwork for the game in the editor itself. I don't like sharing media of what I'm working on as I would just prefer the final product to speak for itself. That's all I've got for now.
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By XproXlickerX on April 20, 2018

BRUHHH Y???? I had my whole school playing this
By BodyGuardClown01 on April 20, 2018

New Level An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
By Amerfrancescos on April 20, 2018

By Amerfrancescos on April 20, 2018

why cant i play the game???? i wait for so long and it still black
By sayyid212 on April 20, 2018

Cooool i like your Games
By AMPendariiies on April 19, 2018

By bugmanblue on April 18, 2018

fix this game it is so lagy
By MR Marsbars on April 18, 2018

All of my levels except one got deleted
By BanBan11 on April 17, 2018

By Mel12345678 on April 17, 2018

do a walking c hater
By MrMeow23 on April 17, 2018

By migueldefreitas9 on April 15, 2018

new caracthers plsssss
By nulckyt1 on April 14, 2018

faz novos personagens
By Danny_Kun on April 13, 2018

ThOtS =] ...
By SkutzyYT_HD on April 13, 2018

Can You Do like a WALKING character?
By Phoenix Fire on April 12, 2018

By alphanumeric_123 on April 12, 2018

By Happy L3G3ND on April 11, 2018

Damn, this editor will be GREAT!!! I hope the hw future is bright and good luck with the sequel also you have a brother? hahah never knew
By romodude40 on April 10, 2018

Also, release a demo test online to the public.
By lanyboi1275 on April 09, 2018

By romodude40 on April 09, 2018

I will drink a bottle of liquid, the first one I find, if it isn't released within 2 years.
By lalond15 on April 09, 2018

can we please have new characters!?
By z_3zozgames on April 09, 2018

By Crazy_Goat_Hawk on April 07, 2018

Hey hope the game is good. Better be or I will... literally drink water.
By potato_tactics on April 06, 2018

Pls have more hazards! There isn't that many and we end up seeing the same exact thing being done ove and over again!
By IIIGusZIII on April 06, 2018

I spent a year without playing happy wheels, today I went back to play and happy wheels is all buggy, sometimes when I play somewhere with the character, the page refresh automatically, it is impossible to play this way, solve this bug. Any errors, I can not speak English, I am using Google Translator
By thot slayer dio on April 06, 2018

wassup man
By E Money69 on April 06, 2018

So it said that to play the game, I had to install a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. I did it, but I still cant play. Help?
By LoganFairyMan123 on April 06, 2018

Hopefully the minor changes are good
By necromancer888 on April 06, 2018

more guts plz!
By rampageandwild on April 06, 2018

hey jim thanks orthe news i thought you were dead for being silent for almost years well its good to know your alive
By s1imeman on April 06, 2018

When happy wheels will be out on android?
By LWPeterson on April 05, 2018

Woa, I gotta get on the discord more.
By Trashinater on April 05, 2018

Will it be 3-D or still 2-D, personally I like it the way it is.
By Actus_Real on April 05, 2018

Will there be more characters added soon?
By AtResett on April 04, 2018

By lavaSharkMan217 on April 04, 2018

Woah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never knew jim would talk!!!!!
By Pinkie_Pie527 on April 04, 2018

HE'S ALIVE!!!!!!
By SomeBoiDude on April 04, 2018

hi there can you give me free robux plz
By jabez007 on April 04, 2018

In my school 95% of people, you should have a sign like the sign on to kindly disable the adblocker to support the game. Adblocker blocks all the ads. You could even have a donate program.
By lolHanan17 on April 04, 2018

delete this level i made a mistake on it mistake> i didnt force character
By GERMIONA on April 04, 2018

God game!
By Fry_Chiken on April 04, 2018

**** you
By Pinnimajig on April 04, 2018

Hey Jim! Just wanted to say that there are some really talented authors on this game, other than the featured. JUST SAYING
By XXMatrixs on April 03, 2018

Hey Jim just wanted to say i LOVE happy wheels! But for some reason its not letting me play i click to play happy wheels and everything is good its just instead of there being an add before you play its just all black thank you!
By lolHanan17 on April 03, 2018

fix the bug where i cant move like in some levels here is the reply as a proof
By Im_so litbro on April 03, 2018

my name is cringe
By ABELGAMER2410 on April 03, 2018

By dropitable1234 on April 03, 2018

porque no se puede jugar happy weels
By Potatoenator on April 03, 2018

when is Happy Wheels 2 going to be released?
By MICJAMO101 on April 03, 2018

By happy_wheels_gamer11 on April 03, 2018

how to play happy wheels? I just searched happy wheels clicked on the website and I just can't play
By Ashington06 on April 02, 2018

>Inspect element >Delete element Ads are gone.
By bubbie0628 on April 02, 2018

----------------------------------------------- if you comments above this line your moms a hoe
By jaleel15 on April 02, 2018

wussuap dogs
By Danny_Kun on April 02, 2018

ouh mai gaw.. so many THOTS! t(O^Ot)
By elestrelliastadepez on April 01, 2018

By bryanislitfam on April 01, 2018

By atourepro on March 31, 2018

JIM plz stop all the lags and rate five scams thank you
By Roverteil on March 31, 2018

???? ???????? ?? ???????? 62%.??? ???????
By gaigebafweojwjeg on March 30, 2018

By PizzaWinner999 on March 30, 2018

jim, dont let this game, do new updates for the browse levels, thanks :)
By exe201888 on March 30, 2018

pongan nuevas actualizaciones
By 2000090031evan on March 30, 2018

By LoKsy009 on March 30, 2018

I'd like that new happy wheels went on android...Im not really redy for new part and i feel so confused right now...If you watching this right now Jim..Please give me an answer...Sorry for English..