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minor things
By Jim on December 17, 2014

Hello. Since the initial mobile game won't have a public level browser, sets of levels are being made. I'm temporarily stopping what I'm doing to help make some myself, so I've been forced to use my own level editor. Just now I've updated the game with some minor adjustments and fixes for stupid stuff that has bothered me during this process.
  • Probably the most meaningful addition is that now you can change the collision values of regular shapes with triggers. If you wanted a shape that disappeared like a trap door, previously you'd have had to delete the shape. However, once you delete a shape it's gone. By just changing the collision value, you can cause the shape to not collide with the player or anything else. If you want to set it back to its original collision value you can do that as well. You could make a bridge of separate pieces, where each piece disappears and returns in a looping sequence. That wouldn't have been possible before.
  • Groups can now be set to fixed initially. This was already possible, but only through triggers after gameplay started. 
  • Triggers can now start in a disabled state. It was possible to disable triggers before, but only through other triggers after gameplay started.
  • Per request I lengthened the trigger repeat interval from 10 to 30 seconds.
  • I fixed a bug where non-fixed shapes wouldn't appear behind fixed shapes even if they were set that way in the editor. That was dumb. I'm surprised nobody yelled at me for this before.
  • Fixed another bug where triggers were moving slightly from where they were intended upon loading the level from xml. The fix will only alter levels created after this update to not mess with older levels that were already working despite this.
  • Fixed some other minor stuff nobody cares about.
Yeah, so that's about it I think. Uhhh... happy holidays?
new joint
By Jim on November 21, 2014

In a minor, rare update, I have added sliding (prismatic) joints into the level editor. These let you constrain two bodies to each other on an single axis aligned with the screen. They're good for things like pistons or elevators. There are also new trigger actions for joints, which allow you to dynamically change and disable joint limits. So...now you know.

When you search for Happy Wheels on google, you have to steer clear of around 100 other fake Happy Wheels sites. Thankfully my real site is at the top due to actual use. I don't really mind when someone shares the demo version of the game, but when a site is created that claims ownership of the game for the sole purpose of attaining ad revenue by misleading others, I must contain my internet rage. With the current google search results you'll see a little info box to the right with a short writeup of the game. There's a photo there of some old man with missing teeth, which links to a fake Happy Wheels google+ page, that I'm not at all responsible for. Someone decided they would represent my game with this imagery, so now that's the first thing you see upon searching for Happy Wheels. Don't click on it, as you'll give the page more views. I've sent takedown requests on my own, but google doesn't seem to believe that I'm the owner of the game despite me having a registered trademark. I imagine this image autopopulates due to the popularity of the fake page, which is now increasing daily due to it's search ranking. I've since created my own google+ page here . If you don't mind, please follow the page just so I can try to outrank that fake one. You can also press the new google+ follow button under Happy Wheels itself.  Finally, if you'd like to be very very helpful, you can search for Happy Wheels, find the info box to the right, and click on feedback. From there you can label mark the image as wrong. My attempts at doing so were ignored.  THANK YOU LOYAL PALS.

Yes, I am still working on the new game and will continue to do so until it's ready. My life currently has no other purpose. I had prototyped everything in flash. The basics of the new physics engine are done, and I've been learning c++ and opengl inside and out so I don't make any grave mistakes when I rewrite it all. SO MUCH READING....arg.

That's it for now, enjoy turkey soon if applicable.
Happy Wheels iOS In Progress…
By Jason on September 30, 2014

Happy Wheels for iOS has been in development for quite some time now and the results are looking really good. On my iPhone 4S it's running fairly consistently at 60 FPS which results in buttery smooth physics and responsive gameplay. The onscreen controls feel pretty natural and are noninvasive. I personally think Happy Wheels has never looked better than on the iPad’s Retina display.

Here are some details, although they are subject to change.

Characters and levels

We’re going to launch with 6 characters: Wheelchair guy, Segway Guy, Irresponsible Dad, Effective Shopper, Moped Couple, and Pogostick Man. We’ll add more characters in time. Each character will have its own ‘chapter’ containing 10-15 levels made specifically for that character. And there will be an additional set of levels where you can choose any available character. This means that you will be able play Happy Wheels anywhere without a web connection.


There will be a simplified level editor where users can create their own levels. Initially it won’t be as robust as the online editor, but all of the current hazards, various items, and shapes (not polygons) can be added and modified. The levels can be saved locally on each device or shared between devices via email or Airdrop. Later we’ll add a public level browser similar to what is available in the browser version.


The onscreen controls are simplified as well.  There are buttons for forward/reverse, lean left/right, special, and eject. We’re trying to keep the layout consistent between characters, but in some cases, the number of buttons or layout may vary.


Again, these are subject to change. Our build target is iOS 6 and up.
  • iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6+. And although we advise against it, it should install on the iPhone 4, but there is a noticeable drop in framerate.
  • iPod Touch 5th generation. Like the iPhone 4, it should install on an iPod Touch 4th gen, but it will probably run slowly so we advise against it.
  • iPad 2, 3, 4, Air.
  • iPad Mini 1, 2

We thought about this a lot and considered several different revenue streams. In the end we decided that we would simply sell the game for $2.99. However, for the first couple days, the game will be on sale for $1.99. We realize paying for Happy Wheels is a touchy subject for some users, so share your comments below.

Release date

Unfortunately we can only say that we’re getting close. Each week we decide to add more to bring the experience closer to the browser version. We’re at the point where we need to develop levels and then do beta testing. There is a faint light at the end of the tunnel. We appreciate your patience. We may post a video soon.


We tested an Android port and the results were pretty promising. We’ll make more progress on it after the iOS version is done. At this point, it’s too early to talking about an Android release date.